The first technology to rapidly address infection and improve nail appearance in fungal nail infection

NP213 is a novel, synthetic peptide generated from NovaBiotics’ proprietary technology platform.


Clinical studies have demonstrated that a brush-on formulation containing NP213 is safe, well-tolerated and effective in resolving mild to moderate toenail infection following just one month of once daily application.  Currently available topical treatments require up to 52 weeks of treatment.  NP213 based treatments are the first solutions for fungal nail infection to address both the underlying cause of the condition and the cosmetic issues associated with the infection.  In clinical studies, patients and physicians reported an improvement in affected nails after only 11 days of once-daily NP213 application and >50% of patients‘ nails were clear (by culture test) of fungi 1 year on following 28 days of application of an NP213 based solution.


NP213 replicates the natural defences of the healthy nail, creating an environment that doesn’t support fungal growth and prevents re-infection.  The peptide remains active within the nail as it grows out, maintaining an environment that doesn’t support fungal growth and prevents re-infection beyond the period of product application.  NP213 is based on natural, catabolic nail/dermal peptides but is a more potent, synthetic fungal membrane lysing peptide.  The mechanism of action of NP213 is physical kill via fungal membrane disruption and rapid lysing on contact.