Nylexa (NM002) for COVID19

Nylexa is a unique antimicrobial-immunomodulator that could change the trajectory of the pandemic and save the lives of COVID-19 patients

NM002’s (Nylexa) unique combination of  antimicrobial (antiviral and antibacterial) and immunomodulatory properties position this therapy candidate as a potential game-changer in the COVID-19 pandemic. As such Nylexa is currently in the process of being on-boarded to a major international platform (phase 3) clinical study for COVID-19 in severe and moderate COVID-19 patients in an ICU setting.

Nylexa’s anti-inflammatory properties could mitigate the inflammatory fibrosis & long term effects of COVID-19.  Respiratory viral infections predispose those affected to often intractable secondary bacterial infections. This is particularly true for nSARS-CoV-Deploying Nylexa alongside often ineffective antibiotics in COVID-19 patients can safeguard antibiotic protection against, or resolve bacterial  pneumonia.  See Nylexa in AMR.

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Nylexa and AMR

NM002 (Nylexa) has potential application in a number of serious, life threatening bacterial infections NM002 (Nylexa) for AMR.  Data from the COVID-19 outbreak points however to the urgent need to develop Nylexa for respiratory (lung) infections in the first instance, especially in patients with bacterial pneumonia secondary to SARS-CoV-2. Viral infections of the lungs (including influenza, coronavirus) are known to predispose those affected to secondary bacterial infections.