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A novel strategy to combatting drug-resistant bacterial infections

NP432 has been derived from a platform of antibacterial peptide therapy candidates.  These bactericidal agents have a number of key benefits over conventional antibiotic therapies and the clear potential to succeed where existing treatments for a number of bacterial infections, including drug resistant MDR and XDR infections are failing.

NP432 and our family of antibacterial peptides are derived from same technology platform as NP213 (Novexatin) and NP339 and so the route to clinic anticipated for this novel antibacterial therapy candidate has already been significantly de-risked.

NP432 is NovaBiotics’ preclinical stage lead antibacterial peptide asset and along with its family of related peptides is broad-spectrum, potently and rapidly bactericidal in vitro against clinically and economically important bacteria. NP432 is active against bacteria identified by the World Health Organisation as Priority Pathogens including Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Clostridium difficile, Acinetobacter baumannii and Klebsiella pnuemoniae. NP432 and its related family of antibacterial peptides are active against drug resistant and multi drug resistant bacteria. NP324 has shown to be well-tolerated and has demonstrated efficacy in in vivo infection models.



NP432’s unique therapeutic mechanism of action is rapid bacterial membrane perturbation and lysis leading to bacterial death (not merely inhibiting growth). Importantly, this mechanism of action also means that NP432 does not interact with human cells and that is possesses no or a very low risk of acquired resistance developing in the bacteria it targets compared to conventional antibiotics.


Global Market


Bacterial infectious diseases represent a massive unmet medical need globally.  The worldwide market for antibacterials is considerable at $45 billion; more than 50% of the overall anti-infectives market at $65 billion.  Despite this significant global opportunity, the sector remains dominated by a relatively small number of drug classes, some having existed in clinical practice for over 50 years.  R&D efforts are also focused on re-invigorating these existing/older drug classes versus the creation of new classes, typically via new formulations to secure IP, rather than launch of new compounds.

NovaBiotics is pioneering anti-infective peptide drug discovery and development for bacterial disease and is targeting difficult-to-treat, potentially life-threatening infections with its Novarifyn technology.  Uniquely, Novarifyn effectively kills antibiotic sensitive and resistant bacteria both in planktonic (“free”) form and in more challenging biofilm infections (biofilms serve as a means of protection for bacteria against the immune system and antibiotic therapies and are the main reason why many infections remain insensitive to conventional antibiotics).