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Highlights potential of novel antifungal’s immune-based approach to inhibit fungal pathogens

Aberdeen, October 5, 2021. NovaBiotics Ltd, a privately held clinical stage company developing novel immune based therapies for life-threatening and life-limiting diseases, announces that the Company will co-sponsor a symposium on new antifungals in which Deborah O’Neil, OBE, Ph.D., , FRSE, Chief Executive Officer of NovaBiotics, will present an overview of NP339 as a novel peptide therapy candidate for invasive and respiratory fungal disease and  Daniel W. Smith, Ph.D., Research Associate at NovaBiotics, will deliver a poster presentation highlighting the activity profile of NP339 against Aspergillus fumigatus in whole human blood assays at the 10th Congress on Trends in Medical Mycology (TIMM). TIMM is the bi-annual meeting of the European Confederation of Medical Mycology (ECMM) and will take place from October 8-11, 2021, in Aberdeen, Scotland.

TIMM is the forum for scientists and clinicians, industry and academia, to share the latest advances and research findings in medical mycology, as well as new insights into the biology of fungal pathogens, host-fungus interactions, therapeutic management approaches, diagnostics, clinical epidemiology, the emergence of antifungal resistance and newly discovered fungal pathogens.

The following symposium featuring discussion on cutting edge breakthroughs and advances in antifungal treatments is being co-sponsored by NovaBiotics along with other participating companies:

Title:                     Update on new antifungals

Date:                     October 8, 2021

Time:                    13:45 – 15:15 CET

Chairs:                  Oliver Cornely, M.D. and Martin Hoenigl, M.D., founders of ECMM

Participants:      Lance Berman, M.D., Ysios Capital

Nkechi Azie, M.D., Vice President of Clinical Development, Scynexis, Inc.

Deborah O’Neil, OBE, Ph.D., FRSE Chief Executive Officer of NovaBiotics Ltd.


The following poster highlighting NP339’s activity against Aspergillus fumigatus in whole human blood   will be presented at TIMM:


Title:                     “Novel antifungal peptide NP339 inhibits A. fumigatus growth in whole human blood”

Poster No.:         339

Date:                     October 9, 2021

Time:                    1200-1300 CET

Presenter:           Dr. Daniel W. Smith


We look forward to presenting these encouraging data on NP339, our novel peptide antifungal, developed to address the critical need for more effective and safer treatments for invasive fungal disease. We are particularly pleased to have this year’s TIMM take place in our hometown of Aberdeen. The TIMM congress offers the ideal platform for sharing these latest data amidst an audience of leading clinicians and researchers dedicated to bringing new medicines to bear in the fight against these difficult to treat and life-threatening fungal diseases,” stated Dr. O’Neil.


“NP339 has rapid, fungicidal activity against a broad range of clinically relevant pathogens including Aspergillus spp., Candida spp., Cyptococcus spp. as well as emerging, rare and drug-resistant organisms such as Mucorales and Candida auris. NP339 has a resistance-mitigating mechanism of action and toxicity profile that is highly distinct from other classes of antifungal because it is based on immune defence molecules. We believe NP339 represents a promising new class of therapy with a novel modality that has the potential to transform treatment paradigms for invasive fungal disease,” added Dr. O’Neil.


About NovaBiotics

NovaBiotics Ltd is a privately held, clinical-stage biotechnology company revolutionizing the treatment of medically unmet, life-threatening and life-limiting diseases with novel, immune-based therapies. A leading innovator with the ambition to transform treatment paradigms in inflammatory, infectious and respiratory disease, the Company’s robust technology and business model has been validated through successful development from concept through to phase 3 clinical development of its most advanced product candidates.

In addition to the lead NM002 programme for community acquired pneumonia and the Company’s other late-stage assets (NM001 for pulmonary exacerbations of cystic fibrosis and NP213/Novexatin® for onychomycosis), NovaBiotics has generated a robust pipeline of earlier stage, high-value drug candidates including NP339 for life-threatening and drug-resistant invasive and respiratory fungal disease and NP432 for multi-drug resistant bacterial infections.

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