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NM002 is a unique immunomodulator-antimicrobial that could bring about a paradigm shift in the treatment of inflammatory-infectious disease.

NM002 is a small molecule (aminothiol) derived from the innate immune defense response. It has the potential to resolve (hyper)inflammation as well as the infectious cause of that inflammation. 

Respiratory disease

NM002’s unique combination of immunomodulatory (anti-inflammatory) and antimicrobial (antiviral and antibacterial) properties position this therapy candidate as a potential game-changer in inflammatory-infectious respiratory and other diseases.  NM002 is currently being on-boarded to a major international platform (phase 3) clinical study for community acquired pneumonia (including COVID19) in an ICU setting.

Novabiotics for medically unmet diseases

Antimicrobial resistance

NM002 is a potential solution to the worsening, global antibiotic resistance crisis. NM002 is an antibiotic potentiator/resistance breaking agent to a number of antibiotic classes; potentially extending their utility and scope against drug resistant, even MDR and XDR bacterial infections. Put simply, NM002 ‘supercharges’ existing antibiotics, especially against drug resistant bacteria and has potential utility that extends significantly beyond respiratory infections.