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NovaBiotics are delighted to announce that our latest publication is accessible from today. Teamwork focused on solutions to antimicrobial resistance with our collaborators –

Marcelo Der Torossian Torres, University of Pennsylvania

Cesar de la Fuente, University of Pennsylvania

Alfredo Angeles-Boza, University of Connecticut

Searle Aichelle Duay, University of Connecticut

Maren von Kockritz-Blickwede, University of Hannover

“Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing of Antimicrobial Peptides to Better Predict Efficacy”. Part of a series on “Bridging the Gap between Discovery and Clinical Development for Antimicrobial Peptides”. Antimicrobial peptides are a new class of therapy with a great deal of potential but have to be developed using appropriate methodologies. Read this special edition of Frontiers in Cellular & Infection Microbiology – Clinical Microbiology – to find out more.