NovaBiotics has a robust and risk-diversified pipeline of clinical and preclinical product candidates for difficult-to-treat, medically unmet fungal, bacterial and polymicrobial conditions.

The pipeline consists of novel peptides generated from our in-house platform technology or small molecules/compounds, with proven clinical safety profiles, that have been in-licensed.

NovaBiotics has delivered its clinical stage candidates to the clinic in less than five years from invention/patent priority dates through rational drug design principles versus high-risk screening strategies.

The rapidly microbicidal membrane-active mechanism of action of NovaBiotics’ drug candidates minimises or negates the chance of drug resistance developing in the target microbes and renders (conventional antibiotic) drug resistance microbes highly sensitive to its action. NovaBiotics compounds also have an excellent safety profile and therapeutic index; not toxic to human cells at therapeutic doses unlike many conventional antimicrobial medications.